Wayne Mitchell 

I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work in your role as Strata Manager for the unit block at Morgan Street Merewether. Wayne, you are consistently professional and pleasant in your communication re the management of the above property. How refreshing in this industry to work with a manager who, takes the time to have a conversation, deals with issues at hand promptly, communicates with professionalism and politeness, whilst  understanding the complexity of the Strata Manager’s job role. Working with you over the last couple of years, you have made my job on the executive committee pleasant. I actually want to go the meetings!I appreciate your direct informative management style and I trust and respect that you will get the job done. 

Many thanks Wayne. 

- Jane Cullen


"As a strata management committee member for over ten years, I’ve found Chapman Strata to manage it’s role competently. Issues are dealt with promptly, duty of care is taken with both property investors and resident owners in mind, always with courtesy.  

"Chapman Strata is big enough to be efficient yet small enough for provide personal service."

-Cheers Juliet


It was just over a year ago I moved into the block of apartments in Adamstown where the strata plan is managed by Chapman Property. Soon after moving in I joined the executive committee and have had close contact with Chapman in an effort to make our block of units the best it can be for all living here.

Sarah, as well as the others employees I have had contact with have done a wonderful job. They are always quick yet professional to reply to any issues or questions I may have giving me the answers I seek. In matters of organising third parties to come to the units it always happens very quickly and without complications from Chapman or the contractors. If I ask something to get done I feel confident letting them look after it and feel safe in the knowledge it will not get forgotten. They are also very prompt in letting me and the rest of the committee know of anything that is happening with the complex or of any issues raised by other residents.


They are the kind of company that work so well that you hardly realise they are there looking after you until you are in need of them and then you are grateful you have someone so good to assist you with such an important thing as your home.


They are a delight to have as our strata managers and I would defiantly recommend them to anybody else that is looking for a company to do the same.


- Adrian Stein.


Kylie Brown

              Chapman Strata Newcastle


As a Strata Unit Owner I have been involved with four different Strata Managers, each with their own particular expertise and management skills. But I would pay tribute for the particular qualities which Ms Brown has displayed in conducting the affairs of both the Strata Management and the Owners Association in which I am involved at present.


I have found her most diligent in all matters I have had occasion to refer for her attention. She has done so in most courteous yet efficient manner. When she has said she would follow up on a matter, she has done so promptly and reported back on the various options and with advice as to the best course of action. Always eager to be of service.


She has the ability to assess matters, and offer management with professional expertise which is  sensible and sensitive to all parties concerned. There is a fairness and honesty which reveals

her integrity.


I have also observed her rapport with both professionals and trades, allowing prompt response

and reasonable quotes. She does visit the site and is observant to the matters that need attention.


She keeps the Strata Committee well informed in all important matters and is always readily available for consultation and advice.


I have no hesitation in recommending her services.  I believe her to be an asset to Chapman

Strata enhancing their good name and reputation in this field.


- Richard W Wrightson

- Revd Richard Wrightson

- Chairperson of both  Strata and Owners Committees


Our Strata titled complex of 27 units in Nesca Parade the Hill has been managed by Chapman Property over the past 25 years.  As an Executive member of the Owners Corporation I have always been impressed by the way our needs, concerns and finances have been handled in an efficient, friendly and professional manner.  During the past 6 years there have been many changes to Strata by laws which have required expert, understandable advice and guidance from Chapman Property to assist our Committee in making operational and financial decisions that affect the management of our seven and half million dollars of property.  I want to thank our Strata Manager Graeme McGregor who is approachable and communicates the right answers to our questions.  We look forward to our continuing association with the Management and Staff of Chapman Property into the future.


- Grahame Smith

- Secretary, Owners Corporation


My name is Joe Thomson, Chairperson of the Body Corporate for Strata Plan 66423 at The Meadows 20 Cowmeadow Road, Mount Hutton 2290.

Since we moved into our complex in December 2000 Chapman Strata have managed our property per medium of several Managers, including Tom Burgess initially, and more recently Wayne Mitchell.

We are fortunate to have enjoyed a great working relationship and friendly rapport with Chapman Strata for the past 13 1/2 years. They have been extremely helpful in assisting the Body Corporate in particular, and all the residents in general, to ensure that our calls for assistance and /or advice have always been handled promptly and professionally.

The Chapman Strata staff, such as the receiptionists and finance officers, have maintained great support to both the Strata Managers and the Body Corporate.

We at the Meadows consider ourselves privileged to be associated with Chapman Strata who have played no mean part in ensuring that all residents in our 21 Units have continued to enjoy a secure, peaceful and harmonious lifestyle at the Meadows.

- Joe Thomson 

Chairman - Body Corporate

The Meadows


I have found Chapman Strata to be an excellent Company, in managing our 112 Lot complex. 

They have managed our complex since 1984.

During this time we have found them to be extremely efficient in the organizing and the running of our monthly executive committee meetings, co-ordinating repairs and maintenance, improvements, insurance, budgets and dealing with breaches of the by-laws and problems associated with tenants and owners.

The current team of Colleen Johnson and her assistant Sarah Stubbs have an excellent working relationship with the executive committee. They are hardworking and very supportive and meet monthly on site to inspect the complex and discuss any problems. They are very honest and transparent with any issues, and they believe that it is important to have a good relationship with all owners and occupants, as well as the committee.

Chapman Strata are a unique Company, in that they have Residential Property Management, Commercial Property Management, Sales Department and a Company Accountant on site all under the same umbrella.

I recommend Chapman Strata to any Strata complex seeking their services. 

- Denise Morris


This brief testimonial is written with the object of expressing our appreciation for the manner in which Chapman Property have managed the unit complex at 134 Union Street the Junction over the period of nine years.

In moments where positive direction has been required the readiness for these responsibilities has never been wanting. Your own observation and that of Tom Burgess has in moments of sensitivity being dealt with in a timely manner.

In conclusion may we draw attention to the incumbent Strata Manager namely Kylie Brown whose determination and drive is doing wonders in keeping matters under control and to a most satisfactory and professional standard. 

- Rick Hamparsum